Greetings Friend... has been Suzi Recommended! / by Jef Holbrook

Very pleased to share that Greetings Friend Your Kind Assistance is Required has been recommended by the Suzi Bass Awards, in addition to being named a Best Bet by Encore ATL. Tickets are still available at

From the Suzi Awards Site:

What does it mean to be "Suzi Recommended"?

The Suzi Bass Awards send five Recommending Judges to the opening night of eligible shows. Those judges complete a form scoring all of the individual elements of a production including acting, directing, and design elements. Those scores are tallied and averaged to obtain a final production score. If that score is sufficient, then the show is Suzi Recommended. 

After a show is deemed Suzi Recommended, notice is sent to the Play or Musical Panel judges to attend during the run. Those judges keep notes on the production for use when completing their end-of-the-season Nomination Ballots.

Suzi Recommended shows are eligible to receive nominations from our panel judges at the end of the season. Those nominations lead to Suzi Awards!

More information on the Awards Process
November 7
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