Niche Niche Logo

It'd be silly of me not to put my own logo company's logo that I designed on my page about my logo design.  So, here it is.

The idea behind it is by making the words stacked on top of each other with a slightly different tone, we get something that evokes (but isn't) an object being reflected on a surface, like putting a soda can on a glass table and seeing the can reflected back at you from below. I like it because it makes me think of how your brand identity (the top "Niche")  should be reflected in your logo (the bottom "Niche"). The lightning bolt between the two N's was a fun use of altering negative space (my nod to the FedEx arrow) and symbolizes "lightning in a bottle," and the focused energy marketing and branding requires. The box surrounding the logo is meant to symbolize that all of these things: your product, your brand identity and the energy therein... should all work together.

Jef Holbrook