The Cricket - Episode 1

When a beautiful woman steps into his office, former super-hero turned "hard-boiled detective" THE CRICKET takes the case. However, he may be getting more than he bargained for when he learns that "Death" may really be "A Girl's Best Friend!"

The Cricket - Episode 2

After following his client home (in his smaller form), the Cricket learns that someone wants both him and his client out of the picture. Includes a preview for our next motion comic, Y-ME.

The Cricket - Episode 3

After the explosion, Nadia and the Cricket kick it in Heaven for a bit. Then, you meet Cricket's cranky Landlady. Includes a teaser for Season 2.

The Cricket - Episode 4

The Cricket returns to the scene of the crime, where he finds The Midnight Mask waiting. Then things go horribly wrong...

The Cricket - Episode 5

SEASON FINALE! This is it: the Cricket vs. Smudge! Plus: Who killed Diamond Mind?!?

The Crikcet - New Intro Test

As I'm working on getting back in the groove of animating things for new episodes of The Cricket, I did a little experimenting. While the final version of the opening credits will be very, very, different, I decided to share this anyway. Visit Cricketcomics.com if you want to read the latest story.


Y-ME: Young Mutants Everywhere tells the story of Troy Miller, a loser teenager who develops a mutation which whisks him away to a life of adventure... in exotic... Wyoming? A new motion comic which answers the question: "does the world need a new motion comic?" by Jef Holbrook and Nelson Pizarro.


Motion Graphics

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live video effects

Actor replacement trick

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